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Meet St Hubert’s The Stag Rosé Seltzer

From the label renowned for its popular, cool-climate wines comes this innovative, latest release. Introducing St Hubert’s The Stag Rosé Seltzer – Australia’s first wine-based seltzer. A refreshing drink, packed full of flavour; in a convenient slimline can format. Best served chilled.

Tell me more, tell me more...

The term ‘Seltzer’ originates from the US and references the use of sparkling or soda water in drinks. St Hubert’s The Stag Rosé Seltzer features sparkling water entwined with natural wildberry and Rosé – fresh, crisp and bursting with summer berry flavours of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry.

Now for the best part. Not only ruggedly refreshing, this Rosé Seltzer is:

  • Less than 1 standard drink
  • 0nly has 75 calories
  • Is low sugar
  • Made with natural flavours.

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Hard Seltzer's will ship from Tuesday 08/12/2020.

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Hard Seltzer's

Hard Seltzer's will ship from Monday 07/12/2020.

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